John Stewart Russell must be held accountable for his actions. Please help remove him from his position and put him behind bars.

John Stewart Russell is a sexual predator and pedophile who works at CCNY

Susan and her sister were 13 and 12 years old respectively when John Stewart Russell entered their lives. He was 50+ at the time and married with two kids making his actions pedophilic and heinous as someone fully aware of the gravity of his actions. Despite these facts, for two years he abused Susan sexually and mentally and has done so even longer to her younger sister. On more than one occasion he has forcibly groped and grabbed Susan’s body, specifically her breast, in public, unsolicitedly undressed in front of her, and even ejaculated on top of her against her will simply to pleasure himself. Again she was 13. These are just the encounters Susan has been comfortable with sharing. Not to mention, this isn’t accounting for what her sister, 12 at the time and who has been at his grasp for an even longer period, experienced with Russell.

As Susan’s story gains traction, other survivors, who too were minors and students of his, have come forth as victims of Russell. Let it be known this is not an isolated incident. We cannot allow Russell to walk freely especially in a space where others can be at risk of his malice.

Susan and her family have tried repeatedly to seek out legal support, however this incident has been swept under the rug under the basis of a lack of evidence. Therefore, Russell has been living comfortably without any sort of accountability for his actions. This must not be the precedent set for crimes of this caliber.

Susan(现在17岁)和她的妹妹遇见John Stewart Russell的时候她们才13岁和12岁。Russell混蛋是一名CUNY 和 CCNY (City College Of New York)的教授。那时候,Russell已经50多岁已婚有两个孩子,但是他对Susan和她妹妹做的事是不可放过的。因为他,Susan被他精神和性虐待了两年。在公共的地方他会摸索Susan的身体主要是她的胸,这不是一次两次的事!他在Susan面前做的事很过分,很不要脸,很恶心。他做了很多太不像人的事,Susan不是唯一被他精神和性虐待的人,他也这样对待过Susan的妹妹和他自己的学生。他这种人是不可放过的,我们希望您能来帮我们,如果可以的话我们希望各位能帮我们转发让更多的人知道。我们也希望各位能在请愿书上签了名和为我们的GoFundMe捐点钱。谢谢各位的帮助!

My Story

Trigger Warning: Sexual Assault, Pedophilia, Self Harm and Suicide

So recently I’ve seen a lot of posts and stories of people sharing and coming forward about their experiences with sexual assault. I debated for a long time whether or not I should step out as well because I was worried about the consequences this could lead to for me and those around me. I’m afraid of the backlash, damage it would do to my family, and possible retaliation from the assaulter; however, at the same time, I wanted to put this out there and stop more people from falling prey to this guy. I want to be able to spread awareness about these issues and how common they are, as well as why many people don’t end up speaking up about them. I realize that once I put this out on social media, it will end up staying on the internet forever and everyone, including my friends and family, will be able to see this. Before you guys ask, I have already brought this issue to the police but sadly it ended with no consequences being brought onto this guy. This is going to be a long read and I hope you can just take some of your time to read this and spread awareness about this issue...